Somewhere in the Nineteenth Century – Music Video Premiere

Anthony Moreno, baritone, sings and plays ukulele on “Something in the Nineteenth Century”, composed by Adam Borecki. Text by Corinna McClanahan Schroeder. Recorded by Tyler Eschendal and Adam Borecki of Recording Dot LA (http://recording.LA)

Filmed in Palos Verdes in August of 2019

Music Video: Anthony Moreno sings “Somewhere in the Nineteenth Century” while accompanying himself on ukulele.

Text by Corinna McClanahan Schroeder

Somewhere in the Nineteenth Century

A boy is walking a wet field.
Flax, larkspur, corn poppies.

The year is no matter- always
a boy wandering from home,

danger laid in the rabbit trap's
mouth, the lone man up the road.

Trust the field's tendrils.
Oxeye daisies, red campion.

When the boy reaches the wood, bluebells shiver

with his steps. You cannot follow,
the warn, lolling their purple tongues.