Brightwork newmusic premieres “Scorpio” in Pomona

Based on the Zodiac sign and the melodic materials of Stockhausen’s Tierkreis, “Scorpio” was commissioned by Synchromy and performed by Brightwork. The work asks musicians in the ensemble to perform on melodicas in addition to their primary instruments.

More information:

Brightwork kicks off the 2016/17 season with a concert titled “Compression / Diffusion” that explores the extremes of musical expression. Elise Roy’s Rarefaction, a Brightwork commission, masterfully uses silence and extended techniques to convey a sense of diffusion, of lessening. In stark contrast, Isaac Schankler’s Sever, also a Brightwork commission, turns Sarah Palin’s incoherent rants into musical material, pushing the audience to the very edge of their seats. The program also features a WORLD PREMIERE work by Harvey Mudd College’s own Bill Alves, titled He Watches the Clouds Pass the Window, plus the music of California icon Lou Harrison. Rounding out the concert are three pieces on the Zodiac: Adam Borecki’s Scorpio, Vera Ivanova’s Sagittarius, and Vicki Ray’s Perpendicular Twins. Program Rarefaction – Elise Roy Ariadne – Lou Harrison Three Zodiac pieces – Adam Borecki, Vera Ivanova, Vicki Ray He Watches the Clouds Pass the Window – Bill Alves WORLD PREMIERE Sever – Isaac Schankler